Welcome Students, Parents and Visitors!

This public website provides a space for lesson plan and resource sharing for Dr. Wesley Fryer, who (in fall 2020) is teaching three courses / six student sections at Casady School in Oklahoma City including:

  • 5th Grade Digital and Media Literacy (Computer 5)

  • 6th Grade Digital and Media Literacy (Computer 6)

  • 5th Grade Introduction to Spanish

Video Updates from August 28, 2020 for all classes are available!

Parents: View the "Learning Guide" for your child's class my logging into MyCasady and viewing the class page for Dr. Fryer's course. Learning Guides provide day-by-day details of class activities and assignments, for both in-person and flex / learning-at-home students.

Dr. Fryer also has a personal YouTube channel with videos about a lot of things, including educational technology.