NOTE: As of June 2022 this is an ARCHIVED website for Dr. Wesley Fryer. Access Dr. Fryer's NEW lesson sharing website on!

Welcome Students, Parents and Visitors!

August 2021 Welcome Videos are available!

This public website provides a space for lesson plan and resource sharing for Dr. Wesley Fryer, who (in 2021-22) is teaching two courses / four student sections at Casady School in Oklahoma City including:

  • 5th Grade Digital and Media Literacy (Computer 5)

  • 6th Grade Digital and Media Literacy (Computer 6)

In addition Dr. Fryer is a 6th grade Advisor this year.

Current course descriptions (updated 2 March 2021) for both courses are available.

In the Fall 2020 semester Dr. Fryer also taught 2 sections of Spanish:

  • 5th Grade Introduction to Spanish

Recently updated lessons (in fall 2020) include our units on Family Oral History Projects, Conspiracy Theories, Sketchnoting, and WikiPedia.

Scratch Mazes!

Play the MAZE GAMES created in SCRATCH by our 5th graders! Links are available for:

  1. Computers 5-1 (spring 2022)

  2. Computer 5-2 (spring 2022)

  3. Computers 5-1 (winter 2022)

  4. Computers 5-2 (winter 2022)

  5. Computers 5-1 (fall 2021)

  6. Computers 5-2 (fall 2021)

  7. Computers 5-1 (spring 2021)

  8. Computers 5-2 (spring 2021)

Daily Slideshow Agendas

Dr. Fryer also has a personal YouTube channel with videos about a lot of things, including educational technology.