HowTo: Minecraft Education Software

Minecraft Education Software Download

We use Minecraft Education Software in our 5th and 6th grade Media and Digital Literacy Classes. (Computer Classes) The software version and link you need depends on your device:

6th Graders: An iPad

Minecraft Education (stable release) runs on:

  1. an iPad

  2. a MacOS / Apple Computer

  3. a Windows10 computer

5th Graders: A MacOS/Win10 Computer or iPad*

We use the Apple iMac / MacOS computers in our Middle Division MakerSpace for Minecraft Education projects in 2020-21.

If you are a flex student:

  1. IF you have access to 1 of the following computers you can complete Minecraft assignments.

  2. These assignments may be slightly modified since you may need to complete them on your own and not collaborate directly with classmates 'live' in class.

  3. If you do NOT have access to a compatible computer or device for Minecraft EE, you will be EXEMPT from these class assignments or provided with an alternative assignment.

Minecraft Login (username & password - Microsoft365)

Remember your username is your full Casady email address, and the password is whatever you set it to be. This may be the same as your Google account password, but currently these are NOT linked so they might be different! Ask Dr. Fryer if you need a password reset.

Our Casady Chromebooks in 2020-21 are TOO OLD to run Minecraft EE. In fall 2021 Casady School is planning to purchase NEW Chromebooks for all MD students (grades 5-8) and these will be able to run Minecraft EE. For reference (and others who may already have school-managed - NOT 'personal' / consumer Chromebooks) here are some helpful links:

Tutorials (MacOS)

Export & Save Minecraft World to Google Drive

Import Saved Minecraft Education World from Google Drive