In this project students will learn how to create and share InfoPics by creating a "5 InfoPic Slideshow."


  1. Highlight topics about which students are naturally curious
  2. Develop our visual storytelling skills.
  3. Develop summarization skills.
  4. Empower students to think about how they can constructively contribute to solutions to BIG problems
  5. Discuss intellectual property and open media licensing.
  6. Discuss responsible media decisions / digital citizenship.


  1. Share the "5 InfoPic Slideshow Project" Google Slideshow with students via Google Classroom.
  2. Verify Unsplash.com is not blocked on the school content filter, if it is request it be unblocked.


  1. Review or introduce process of accessing assignments in Google Classroom.
  2. Go over slides in the "5 InfoPic Slideshow Project" Google Slideshow with students.
  3. Review or introduce students to Unsplash.com as a copyright-friendly, curated source of images for media projects.


  1. Invite students to share InfoPics on their Seesaw learning journal and Seesaw class blog.
  2. With gentleness and kindness, review infopics created by others and discuss how they could be even better / more effective.
  3. Show students how to create infopics using Adobe Spark Post.