Resources for our 3 part lesson series, "Minecraft Partner Build and ChromeOS Screencast." This is an updated version of the lesson, "Minecraft Screencast." (updated in August 2021)


Students will collaboratively build an object (5th grade: a house, 6th grade: a bridge) in Minecraft Education and create a short (<2 minute) screencast tour of their build.


  1. Provide an engaging and fun project to start our semester of learning together

  2. Develop virtual design / building skills

  3. Develop collaboration skills

  4. Learn how to effectively create screencasts


Day 0 (before the lesson sequence begins)

  1. Setup and have students join both Google Classroom and Seesaw classes.

  2. Ensure Microsoft Minecraft Education licenses have been purchased and are available for student use.

  3. Create student accounts in Microsoft365 (with no assigned Office365 license if just using for Minecraft Education)

  4. Provide logins with temporary passwords to students, so they can reset passwords as desired (unless school Google accounts are synced to MS365)

Day 1: Building

  1. Introduce Project Challenge and Build Requirements, and Minecraft behavior expectations (see images below)

  2. Help students select a partner (only allow 1 group of 3 if you have an odd number of students)

  3. Open a new world with students in CREATIVE mode on the teacher's computer.

  4. Provide the HOST CODE to students

  5. Help all students successfully login to Minecraft Education using the HOST CODE.

  6. Students work on building per their project requirements.

  7. Save the shared world on the teacher computer at the end of class.

Day 2: Finish Build / Screencasting

  1. Introduce screencasting requirements, and review procedures for screencasting in ChromeOS (view tutorial video linked below)

  2. Open the saved Minecraft EE world from the previous class, share the new HOST CODE with students.

  3. Students finish their builds

  4. Students create screencast tours

  5. Students upload final screencasts to Google Classroom and Seesaw

Day 3: Popcorn and Movie Day

  1. Watch completed student tours, using links in Seesaw.

  2. Students provide positive feedback / text comments to each other in Seesaw and aloud in class, in feedback conversations facilitated by the teacher.

Screencasting with ChromeOS

5 min, 48 sec

5th Grade Project Details & Requirements

6th Grade Project Details & Requirements