This two part "flipped classroom" lesson introduces students to 10 different skills and concepts for Gmail and assesses their understanding as well as ability to demonstrate these ideas through student-created screencasts.


  1. Introduce students to 10 basic GMail concepts and skills.
  2. Provide an opportunity for students to experience self-directed, "flipped classroom" learning.
  3. Assess student comprehension of video-based lessons.
  4. Assess student abilities to demonstrate and apply lesson skills via a recorded screencast.


  1. Students need access to a GSuite for Education GMail account with email as an activated service. (At our school students do not have Gmail activated until 5th grade).
  2. Students should already know how to create and share screencasts. (We use a Minecraft Screencast lesson to introduce students to Screencastify)
  3. Preferred: Create Google Classrooms for each of your classes to facilitate assignment of this lesson via EdPuzzle.


  1. Students watch the video via EdPuzzle and answer the 9 embedded multiple choice questions.
  2. Students use Screencastify to create a screencast (less than 2 minutes long) after watching each video, demonstrating 2 of the skills and concepts selected at random for their assignment.
  3. Students will receive 4 grades for this two part lesson: Two EdPuzzle quiz scores, and two screencast scores following the evaluation rubric.

(Evaluation rubric link coming soon!)


  1. Students can share their recorded screencasts to a class Seesaw learning journal.
  2. Students can share their recorded screencasts to a class blog using Seesaw or another interactive writing platform.
  3. Students can share quality comments with classmates via Seesaw and/or their class blog.