Remote Learning Version

March 30 - April 2, 2020

This information / these requests were emailed to all students/parents in Dr. Fryer's classes at 7 am on April 6, 2020.


Students, I need to know a little about how many hours you estimate you spent last week on schoolwork overall for ALL Middle Division classes, and how much time you spent on our COMPUTER CLASS assignments. Please take a few minutes to complete this 10 question survey. I know some other surveys already went out last week to parents. If you could please complete this by 10 pm on Monday, April 6th, that will help me adjust my teaching and assignments to better fit what you're experiencing and able to do at this point. The form link is:


Students, I have updated MyCasady with all your submitted work to date. If you have a ZERO for one of our assignments, either:

  1. You need to submit that assignment as soon as possible this week.
  2. You need to contact me via email to get clarification / help with the assignment.

If you'd like to setup a virtual appointment to meet with me, please use this link to book a 15 minute appointment.

Parents: Please check MyCasady and follow up with your student if they have any missing assignments / assignments with a ZERO.

Remember my grading policy is to ASSIGN FULL CREDIT for late work, and for work that is resubmitted! Students do have to submit an assignment to receive credit, however!


If you need technical support, please ASK FOR IT! I am here to help you, and we also have a team of Casady teachers and staff members on our "tech team" who can help you get any computer / technical problems fixed fast. This page has information for parents needing technical support. This page has information for students needing technical support.

Students remember you can check our class FAQ and submit questions there too, if you prefer not to email me directly. (You CAN email me and I want you to contact me if you are stuck / need help!)


Our next assignment for week 2 of remote learning is GMAIL BASICS PART 1. Steps and instructions for this project are listed below.

Student Overview

This is the first of a two part lesson that will help you develop your skills using email and GMail specifically. To complete this lesson you will:

STEP 1 - Seesaw Activity

Log into our Seesaw Class and click the ACTIVITY link to access the EdPuzzle video tutorial for this lesson. You will JOIN EdPuzzle using the provided link. (Part 1 )

Step 2 - Watch the Video and Answer Questions

Login to EdPuzzle with your Casady Google account and watch the 14 minute video. Answer the embedded quiz questions as you watch.

Step 3 - Get Your Assigned Two Skills

View this spreadsheet to learn which TWO of the first FIVE of these skills (list below) you will be TEACHING ME via a Screencast. Click the WORKSHEET TABS at the bottom of the Google Sheet to view YOUR CLASS and YOUR assigned skills.

STEP 4 - Create a Screencast

Use Screencastify (like we learned how to do in our Minecraft Screencast assignment) to create a LESS THAN FIVE (5) MINUTE screencast teaching ME (Dr. Fryer) everything you know and learned about your two topics.

STEP 5 - Share Link to Seesaw

Copy the SHARE LINK from Screencastify (in Google Drive) and post it to our class Seesaw as a RESPONSE to this activity.


Links to utilized Seesaw Activities for this lesson are below: