Provide an integrated opportunity for students to learn about world geography, geo-mapping tools, and the use of spreadsheet formulas / calculations to solve complex problems.


  1. Introduce students to Google Spreadsheets and basic formulas (multiplication, sum)

  2. Introduce students to Google Tour Creator (works with Google Expeditions and replaces Google Tour Builder)

  3. Provide an opportunity for students to practice their screencasting skills


Provide these instructions and files to students in Google Classroom, set so EACH STUDENTS GETS A COPY.

Create a TRAVEL BUDGET and VIRTUAL TOUR for a post-COVID trip, following the guidelines in the attached slideshow! Turn in 3 things:

  1. Your completed budget / spreadsheet

  2. Your completed slideshow with planning slide filled in

  3. The SHARED LINK to your final virtual tour


  1. Project Overview Slideshow

  2. Student Spreadsheet Template


  1. Review the "Project Overview Slideshow" with students, explaining the project scenario and requirements.

  2. Demonstrate how to search for roundtrip flight costs with tripadvisor.com and use the provided spreadsheet to calculate how many days they can vacation with the provided virtual budget.

  3. Demonstrate how to use Google Tour Creator. Show an example tour. (It's best as a teacher if you create your own tour to learn the tool, and provide a student example.


  1. Invite students to create a screencast narrating and guiding their virtual tour. (Screencastify recommended)

  2. Share the recorded screencast to your classroom blog or Seesaw learning journal.