In this project you will create a media collage using images and text boxes on a shared Google Slideshow, letting others in our class learn a little more about who you are.


  1. Practice good digital citizenship skills working in a collaborative digital environment (everyone has EDIT rights to the same slideshow)

  2. Build relational bridges among learners in our class by sharing perceptions and ideas about our own identities

  3. Introduce basic design concepts using Google Slides, including using contrasting text colors.

  4. Introduce or review Google Slide skills including changing the order of objects on a slide, changing font size, font color, adding text box background fill colors, text highlight colors, etc.


  1. Make a copy of the included slideshow, adding names of students on each slide (so each student has a slide to edit / use) - Alice Keeler's video tutorial, "Each Student Name on Individual Google Slides" is a HUGE help with this!

  2. Verify Unsplash.com is unblocked / accessible for students

  3. Create a practice identity collage slide for yourself to share as an example with students.


  1. Introduce the project in Google Classroom

  2. Demonstrate how to find images on Unsplash.com, add them to the slideshow, add text boxes, and demonstrate both resizing objects as we us using good design strategies (like contrasting colors) to select font and background colors.


Ask students to save their slide as a JPG image and share to a class Seesaw Learning Journal or class blog.

Slideshow Template (teachers please copy & remix)

Who Are We? (Identity Collage Lesson Template)

Example Identity Collage