In this project, students will:

  1. Select an architecture build style.

  2. Build a building or structure using only TEN (10) different kinds of Minecraft blocks, to match their selected architecture style.

  3. Create a SCREENCAST TOUR of their build and share it with the class on either Seesaw or WriteAbout.com.


Goals of this project include providing students with:

  1. A structured, bounded collaborative build challenge (time and build limitations)

  2. Opportunities to think creatively and divergently

  3. Opportunities to practice and develop spatial design skills

  4. Opportunities to develop collaboration and communication skills

Architecture Build Options

(via the ConnectedCamps post, "10 Ideas for Your Next Minecraft Architecture Project")

  1. A Colony On Another Planet

  2. A Futuristic Greenhouse

  3. A Theater

  4. A Tree House

  5. An Ancient Temple

  6. An Underwater Palace

  7. A Minecraft Museum

  8. A Minecraft Castle

  9. A Famous Building

  10. A Minecraft Roller Coaster


  1. Ensure each student has a working Microsoft365 login and current Minecraft Education license.

  2. Help students complete the "Minecraft Screencast" project. (This introduces students to both the basics of building in Minecraft as well as screencasting with Screencastify)

  3. Download a copy of the "Individual student build areas" MinecraftEE world by Chris Fuge."

  4. Import that world for each class section using the hosting computer you'll use for the lesson.

  5. Verify MinecraftEE World sharing / joining works on your school network. (Students need to be on the same WiFi network as the hosting computer, and requisite ports need to be open / available)


  1. Introduce students to the project guidelines and guard rails using this Google Slideshow.

  2. Allow students to select a partner or assign partners, groups of 2 work best. (Only have 1 group of 3 if you have an odd number of students)

  3. Supervise and assist students with their builds in Minecraft EE.

  4. Provide at least 1 or 2 class periods for students to build. / work on their houses.

  5. Reserve at least 1 lesson for students to record a SHORT (less than 2 minute) Screencast tour of their build, and share it with the class either via Seesaw or WriteAbout.com. (On the website / platform you're using for OUTSIDE SHARING in your class)

Minecraft Architechture Challenge Project Overview