In this project you will learn to record a browser-based screencast using Screencastify.


  1. Learn to plan and rehearse a screencast.
  2. Learn how to record and share a screencast.
  3. Create media recordings that are short, to the point, and effective.
  4. Develop basic navigation and building skills in a virtual world (Minecraft Education)


  1. Install the Screencastify Chrome extension on your Google account in the Chrome browser. (You will need to authorize Screencastify to use your microphone)
  2. Verify your computer headphones are working, and select USB HEADPHONES from System Settings - Audio - INPUT and OUTPUT.
  3. With a partner (Hosting a Minecraft Education world one of you creates) or by yourself, build a simple house in Minecraft Education.
  4. Be sure your house includes the following requirements:

HowTo Tutorial

Example Screencast


  1. View the example screencast video and the HowTo Tutorial embedded on the right side of this page.
  2. Record your screencast, making sure it is 60 seconds long OR LESS! (Screencasts longer than 60 seconds will not receive credit!)
  3. Turn in the Google Drive link to your screencast video in Google Classroom.


  1. Share your short Minecraft screencast video on Seesaw.
  2. Choose to publish your screencast video to our class blog.