In this project students will learn what makes a good / high quality comment on a social media post or article, and how to share one.


  1. Help students understand the power of their words and the importance of kindness

  2. Encourage students to "get a conversation going" when they leave a comment for others on their class blog or other website

  3. Provide opportunities for students to engage in safe digital social networking / online interaction with adult supervision / content moderation


  1. Setup Seesaw to use as a digital learning journal / digital portfolio and or a student blogging platform (like WriteAbout) as a class blog.

  2. Help students share initial posts on the class blog, sharing them with the class or publicly.


  1. Review and discuss the Slideshow: "What is a GOOD COMMENT?"


  1. Watch the 2010 video by California 3rd graders, "How To Write Quality Comments."

  2. Discuss how this video could be re-created for newer social media / digital interactive platforms.

  3. Discuss how this video could be re-created for older audiences.

  4. Re-create this video.

This is a great presentation & YouTube video (linked in the slides) by Sophia Garcia Smith @Sophiagsteach about using "TAG" (TELL me something you like, ASK a question, GIVE a suggestion - using 'I wonder...") for commenting.

TAG You're It - Seesaw Connect Ignite
What is a "Good Comment?"

How to Write Quality Comments

This video was created in 2010 by Third Graders in Mrs. Linda Yollis' class (@lindayollis) in California. These suggestions about sharing quality comments are excellent and things we want to keep in mind / do as we comment on each other's work.

One of the options for students in our "Media Choice" project is to create an updated / alternate version of this video.