May 11 - 22: Student Expectations

Digital Storytelling Project - Remote Learning at Casady

Step 1 - Preparation

Watch this 4 minute video, "What Makes a Hero?" and start thinking about the basic ingredients of a good story.

Even though this project is very short and basic, you can choose:

  1. An exciting HOOK or TRIGGER for the start of your story
  2. The SETTING for your story
  3. The name of your story's HERO or HEROINE
  4. The CONFLICT or CHALLENGE your hero / heroine will face...

Step 2 - Overview and Example Videos

In this project you will create a short digital story with Adobe Spark Video. (Login with your Casady Google Account) Your video should have from 5 to 10 photos, narration and background music. Check out 1 or more of these digital storytelling examples, created by Dr. Fryer using Adobe Spark Video.

Step 3 - Procedures

  1. Use our Digital Storytelling Project Storyboard (a Google Doc attached in Google Classroom) to plan your video FIRST.
  2. Save either LINKS to your numbered and named images on your Storyboard OR the actual image files to a Google Drive folder SECOND.

When you are finished, you will turn in BOTH:

1- Your completed Project Storyboard.

2- A link to your completed Adobe Spark Video. (Be sure it is the PUBLIC ADOBE SHARE LINK)

Lastly share THE PUBLIC ADOBE SHARE LINK to your video on Seesaw. All of these steps are demonstrated in this 12 minute tutorial video.