Week 3 Expectations: April 13-21, 2020

This week (and our LIVE meetings on April 15/16 and April 20/21 is a CATCH UP week! This means:

  1. We do NOT have any new assignments this week
  2. You should focus on catching up on work you are missing.

All student grades are updated (as of 10:30pm Sunday, April 19th) in MyCasady for our Computer Class. If you submitted work last week or this weekend and are not seeing your grade updated, please check for a note from me in MyCasady and if needed email me. Each week ALL GRADES in all my classes are updated for Monday and Wednesday mornings, in both MyCasady and Google Classroom. If you have more questions about assignments and grades, please check out our class Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs.

To help everyone follow up better with missing assignments:

  1. I have entered all missing assignments into a new Google Classroom for our Computer class
  2. I have changed the due dates for all assignments in MyCasady to a week after each assignment was announced (previously all were set to May 15th)

If you are missing ANY assignments currently, please come to my next "office hours" videoconference and I can help answer your questions.

These are each weekday from 10:15 to 10:45 am, you can use the link in Google Classroom (at the top of CLASSWORK) at that time to join:

If you want to just setup a direct appointment with Dr/ Fruer for 15 or 30 minutes, you can use this link:



Watch our WONDER LINK video for this week:

COVID-19 Animation: What Happens If You Get Coronavirus? (YouTube)

Also check out "A Kids Guide to the Coronavirus" by The New York Times (The Daily Podcast) from March 27, 2020

Post about your thoughts, reactions, and questions to these videos on either:

  1. Our Classroom Seesaw Learning Journal
  2. "The Feed" on the homepage of our Google Classroom