In this media project, students will create a "narrated image" about someone they consider a good role model for their life.


  1. Discuss the pros and cons of using WikiPedia as an information source, including the fact that most images included have copyright clearance for legal reuse.

  2. Practice using a script for a digital story.

  3. Learn about people students respect and look up to as role models.

  4. Practice respectful digital feedback skills. (Digital Citizenship)


  1. Add the shared Seesaw Activity "Good Role Model Reflection" to your teacher Seesaw Library.

  2. Assign the Seesaw activity to students in their current / active Seesaw class(es).

  3. Create a new Assignment in Google Classroom, adding the shared Google Doc "Good Role Model Reflection Script" as an attachment. Be sure to choose, "MAKE A COPY FOR EACH STUDENT."


  1. Show students the Seesaw Activity and ask them to take turns reading each step aloud.

  2. Show students the example completed script and example project.

  3. Ask them to login to both Google Classroom and Seesaw.

  4. After filling out / completing their script in Google Classroom, students should upload and record their audio in Seesaw.

  5. Remind students to write encouraging comments after listening to at least TWO of their classmates' projects in Seesaw. (After approval by the teacher.)


  1. View Commander Chris Hatfield's music video from the International Space Station, "Space Oddity," together and discuss. (I actually like doing this as a lesson INTRO.)

  2. Encourage students to post a narrated image about their role model to their class Seesaw blog.