This lesson introduces students to the basics of creating animations using Scratch.


  1. Students will create personal Scratch accounts connected to their school email address. (In the past students needed to enter their parent's email address, but this is no longer required.)

  2. Students will learn how to create and modify basic animations in Scratch.

  3. Students will animate a scientific process, historical event, school-appropriate idea or other curricular concept using Scratch.


  1. Insure the Scratch website (scratch.mit.edu) is accessible from the computers students will use.

  2. Create (if you have not already) a teacher Scratch account.

  3. Familiarize yourself with basic Scratch project types and programming blocks.

  4. Obtain parent email addresses from your School Information System in case students do not know them or need to verify spelling.

  5. If desired, create your OWN galleries of Scratch projects like the ones we're using on Day 2 below.


Day 1

  1. Help students create Scratch accounts. Their userIDs must be unique across the "Scratch universe," so they may need to add numbers. Require students to use their accurate / true birth year, as well as parent email address.

  2. Show students how to view and use SCRATCH ANIMATION TUTORIALS. After clicking CREATE - choose TUTORIALS - ANIMATION.

  3. Provide time and support for students to experiment with different blocks and create different types of animations. Consider starting with the MAKE IT FLY.

Day 2

  1. Challenge students to "select a concept, historical event or idea from another class which can be animated or made interactive"

  2. Use Scratch animation blocks and strategies to create an original animation.

  3. Ask students to add their projects to the "Casady MD Original Projects 2019-20 Scratch Studio" Scratch gallery (or another created by their teacher/you)

  4. If students find an inspiring project, ask them to add it to the "Casady MD Inspiring Cloned Projects 2019-20" Scratch gallery (or another created by their teacher/you)

Day 3

  1. Ask students to create a "show and tell" short screencast (less than 60 seconds) demonstrating / playing their animation.

  2. Share the screencast video on Seesaw.

More Resources

More Scratch Resources are available on:

Example Project (Password Tips)

Seesaw Activity: Screencast Code Share

Intermediate Example Project: (Help the Flying Cat Catch Bells)