April 23 - May 7: Student Expectations

Remote Learning at Casady

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Scratch Animation Unit Overview

This two part lesson introduces you to the basics of creating animations using Scratch. All work for these lessons can be completed during two LIVE classes.

The Preparation, Day 1 and Day 2 student expectations for this unit are provided:

  1. Here on this webpage (see below)
  2. In our Google Classroom (under CLASSWORK)

Watch this 1.5 minute overview video of Scratch to get started!

Each day you will turn your work in on EITHER:

  • Google Classroom
  • Seesaw

Live Class Meeting Info

Our Computer Class meets during ELECTIVE time in our new schedule, 2:00pm to 2:50 pm. Your two LIVE CLASSES for this Scratch Unit are:

  • Section 5-2: Thursday, April 23 and Friday, May 1
  • Section 6-1: Friday, April 24 and Monday, May 4
  • Section 6-2: Tuesday, April 28 and Wednesday, May 6
  • Section 5-1: Wednesday, April 29 and Thursday, May 7

Links to join LIVE classes in Google Hangouts Meet are provided:

  • in Google Classroom at the top of the"class feed" page
  • in Google Classroom under Classwork
  • in Seesaw (at the top of your learning journal, the day of each class)

Day 1: Preparation and Sandbox Project

Create a Scratch Account

Visit scratch.mit.edu/join

  1. Watch this 1.5 minute overview video of Scratch
  2. If you don't already have a free Scratch account, CREATE ONE using your Casady.org email account by visiting scratch.mit.edu/join.
  3. Do NOT use your first or last name in your username.
  4. Choose a UNIQUE username, and there are millions of people using Scratch. So you may have to add some numbers to make your username unique.
  5. Check your email to VERIFY your Scratch account so you can SHARE your projects with others.

Create a "Sandbox" Animation Project

  1. Log into scratch.mit.edu
  2. Click CREATE to make a new project
  3. Click the TUTORIALS link (looks like a lightbulb)
  5. Choose an animation tutorial to watch (try "Make It Fly")
  6. Create your own "sand box" (practice, just for fun) animation project using some of the techniques shown in the tutorial video.

Day 2: Animate an Idea & Create a Screencast

Optional: Animation Choice Board

Learn From Professional Animators!

  1. Log into Seesaw, be sure to select our class.
  2. Click Activities, find "OPTIONAL: Animation Choice Board"
  3. Click the IMAGE in the upper left corner.
  4. Click one of the links below, then click 1 or more videos and watch them!
  5. Click ADD RESPONSE.
  6. Write three different things you learned.
  7. Post your response to Seesaw.
  8. Click the GLOBE to post your response to our class BLOG.

"Teach Something" Scratch Animation Screencast

Step 1: Create a Scratch Animation That Teaches Something

  1. Think of a simple idea or skill you could teach to someone else.
  2. Use Scratch to create a simple animation that teaches your idea or skill

Step 2: Screencast Your Scratch Project

  1. Use Screencastify (like we did for our Minecraft Project and GMail Basics Projects) to record a short screencast of your Scratch Project.
  2. Show your Scratch animation working / playing.
  3. Show your Scratch code.
  4. Do a "code talk" (Explain what code you used, and what it does).
  5. Try to make your screencast video less than 60 seconds.
  6. Share your screencast LINK on both Google Classroom and Seesaw.
  7. OPTIONAL: Share your screencast link to our Seesaw Class Blog. (click the GLOBE link below the post in Seesaw)


Check out my "Scratch Animation Project" page, which summarizes this multi-day unit when taught face-to-face as a teacher lesson plan. The Seesaw "Animation Choice Board" is available as a Seesaw shared activity. If you have questions please contact me.