Elementary Edition: June 15-18, 2020


Are you a rising 3rd, 4th or 5th grade student interested in participating in a virtual Minecraft camp this summer? Our “Minecraft Virtual Challenge Camp: Elementary Edition” is for you! For four days, you’ll spend two hours per day meeting virtually with other campers and building as well as completing challenges in Minecraft Education Edition. These will include team building challenges, individual exploration challenges, and coding challenges. Prior experience with Minecraft is not required but is recommended and can be helpful. Campers will learn how to take and share screenshots of their Minecraft creations and achievements, and share them with classmates via our Minecraft Camp Seesaw learning journal and blog. This camp is entirely virtual and does NOT include any face-to-face meetings at Casady School. (Registration instructions are available.)

Dates / Times / Audience / Cost /

June 15 - 18 (10am to noon daily)

For rising 3rd, 4th and 5th graders

$155 (includes license for Minecraft Education Edition - Usable for the duration of the camp)

Registration instructions are available.


    1. Student participants and moderators must agree to abide by our Responsible Use Policy (RUP) for Lower Division.

    2. Student participants and student moderators (and parents) are responsible for providing a computer (Apple/MacOS, Windows10, or iPad) capable of running Minecraft Education Edition software. Details are on https://mdtech.casady.org/howto/minecraft-education

    3. Parents are responsible for providing a high speed home Internet connection for participating students to use

    4. Students are responsible for using and maintaining a secure / secret password for their Minecraft Education account.

    5. Some technical support for Minecraft Education Edition installation will be available, but students and parents are ultimately responsible for installing/supporting the required software and supporting the home Internet connection


    1. Accounts and Passwords: A Minecraft Education Edition license and login will be provided by Casady school as part of this camp experience. The week prior to the start of camp, registered participants will receive their userID/password to install and login to Minecraft Education.

    2. Camp Email Communication: Official camp information emails will be sent to the PARENT’S EMAIL for registering students. Students are not required or encouraged to have / use their own email for this camp.

    3. Camp Coordination Communication: A Seesaw Learning Journal will be used to share daily Minecraft Education “JOIN CODES” for the Minecraft worlds and remote server we’ll be using and connecting to.

    4. A daily welcome video will be shared with camp participants providing an overview of the day’s Minecraft challenges and instructions. That video will be shared via Seesaw and via email to parents.

    5. Technical support requests can be sent to helpdesk@casady.org for camp-related software and access issues. Camp staff are unable to repair or fix computer issues with malware/viruses or home Internet connectivity issues, that support is the responsibility of parents.

    6. Refund Policy: If technical support issues prevent a student from connecting to our camp Minecraft Education Edition remote server more than two days, half of paid camp fees will be refunded.