Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is our virtual Minecraft Camp kept safe?

  1. We use Minecraft Education "Join Codes" which change each day, and are ONLY shared with registered campers / participants and student moderators. These codes are listed each day on our DAILY SCHEDULES page.
  2. Dr. Fryer as well as student moderators, who are experienced Minecraft players, are available during our entire camp experience to provide help and assistance.
  3. Each camper / participant is assigned at least two student moderators who will be 'check up' on them throughout our week and helping make sure they know where to go, get help / assistance when needed, and have both a safe and fun camp experience.

Why are you using Minecraft Education Edition for camp?

  1. Minecraft Education Edition includes special features for students and learning, like special blocks for coding. We include activities which use these blocks as part of our camp "learning" activities.
  2. A wide variety of education specific virtual worlds are available for Minecraft Education Edition.

What kind of Minecraft Server are you using for camp?

  1. We are using a MacStadium Cloud-Hosted Mac Mini, running Minecraft Education Edition software.
  2. Our current server is a 2.5GHz i5-3210, Dual Core CPU MacMini running MacOS Catalina. It has 8GB of 1600MHz RAM (DDR3) and 250GB SSD. We're connected with a 1000/1000 Mbps connection.

What is the maximum number of participants for camp?

  1. Minecraft Education Edition allows a maximum of 30 simultaneous users in a Minecraft multiplayer world.
  2. We limit our camps to a maximum of 20 participants, which provides space for up to 8 student moderators. One user is taken by our hosting computer, the other by our camp teacher.

I have more questions. What's the best way to answer them?

    1. Contact Dr. Fryer via email [EMAIL REMOVED AFTER CAMP] or via phone at [NUMBER REMOVED AFTER CAMP].