5th & 6th Grade Computers

Grading Policy

Students in Dr. Fryer's 5th Grade and 6th Grade computer classes can turn in work LATE or AGAIN for full credit. Deadlines are provided, however

Updated Grades?

Mr. Fryer updates grades in MyCasady on a regular basis, usually several times per week. However, there is generally a delay between the time a student SUBMITS an assignment and the assignment is evaluated / graded. In some cases, assignments are returned to students for additional changes / editing.

Students will receive an EMAIL message when grades are updated in MyCasady.

More FAQs

More information about Dr. Fryer's 2019-20 5th and 6th Grade computer curriculum is also available.

Archived introductory class slideshows used during 2019-20 are also available.

March - May 2020 "Remote Learning" Resources for Students and Parents

These are archived resource pages shared during March - May 2020 "remote learning" at Casady during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Student expectations by unit and class meeting dates are summarized on these pages:

May 11 - 22 (Digital Storytelling Project)

April 23 - May 7 (Scratch Animation Unit)

April 13-21, 2020 (Catch Up Week)

April 6 - 9, 2020 (GMail Basics Part 1)

March 30 - April 2, 2020 (5 InfoPic Slideshow)