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Q5: Can I turn in a project or assignment for Dr. Fryer's class LATE and receive full credit?

A: Yes. Projects and assignments are accepted for grading through the last day of class in the trimester.

Students in Dr. Fryer's 5th Grade and 6th Grade computer classes can turn in work LATE or AGAIN for full credit.

Q4: I submitted an assignment but my grade hasn't been updated in MyCasady. Why?

A: Please check to see if your grades are updated on MONDAY mornings and WEDNESDAY mornings...

Dr. Fryer updates grades in MyCasady on a regular basis, usually several times per week unless there are extenuating circumstances. However, there is generally a delay between the time a student SUBMITS an assignment and the assignment is evaluated / graded. In some cases, assignments are returned to students for additional changes / editing.

At a minimum Dr. Fryer is updating all student grades on Sunday evenings (ready for MONDAY mornings) and Tuesday evenings (ready for WEDNESDAY mornings.)

Q3: My computer won´t let me log into Seesaw or Duolingo, but it lets me log in to them on my mom's computer. What should I do?

A: If you create a "new Chrome profile" on the computer that's not letting you log in, that should resolve the issue. Be sure you are logging in with your CASADY.ORG (school) Google account, and not a different account.

If that doesn't fix it, email helpdesk [at] casady [dot] org and describe this situation. You can request the help desk forward the question to Dr. Fryer. Someone should get back to you ASAP to get this situation fixed.

Q2: Should we finish any incomplete assignments we had before Spring Break?

A: Yes. Our class grading policy is the same, you can turn in any of your assignments late or again for full credit. But you do need to complete assignments to receive a grade! So if any of your assignments are incomplete, do finish those up as soon as you can and submit them via Seesaw or MyCasady (depending on the assignment).

Q1: How can I get technical support with my computer at home?

A: Casady School has setup a remote helpdesk during remote learning to support students, parents, and faculty / staff. These technology FAQs addresses contact procedures, office hours for support, and more. In addition, information is available about:

  1. Information about Casady Technical Support for PARENTS
  2. Information about Casady Technical Support for STUDENTS