What is "FREE CHOICE TIME" in our computer lab?

"Free choice time may be available when all class assignments are completed and shared" to:

  1. Google Classroom
  2. Seesaw
  3. (optionally) to our Seesaw Class Blogs

Free Choice Activities CAN include:

  1. Checking / cleaning up your GMail / Email / Inbox
  2. Practicing Keyboarding skills (including games) on Typing.com
  3. Completing assignments for other classes
  4. Coding your own projects in SCRATCH
  5. Playing games YOU HAVE MADE in Scratch *
  6. In Minecraft Education: Either:
    1. Work on Minecraft Makecode Tutorials (In MC press "C" and choose a Makecode Tutorial)
    2. Open and make a copy of our "Minecraft Makecode Lessons (Spring 2020)" Google Sheet. Work on a lesson of your choice and SAVE your finished version in the sheet.

Free choice Activities DO NOT include:

  1. Listening to streaming music online (includes YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, etc.)
  2. PVP (player versus player attacks) or using TNT in Minecraft Education
  3. Playing online games other people have made
  • What is a "game you have MADE in Scratch?" It is NOT just someone else's game you click to REMIX and put in your Scratch account without making any changes or modifications. It's a game you've either made by yourself or a game you've mixed / created with inspiration from others. It can be a remixed game! You need to add your own code and creativity to a Scratch project to call it "my own game" in our class.