"Free choice time may be available when all class assignments are completed and shared" to:

  1. Google Classroom

  2. Seesaw

Free Choice Activities CAN include:

  1. Checking / cleaning up your GMail / Email / Inbox

  2. Practicing Keyboarding skills (including games) on Typing.com

  3. Completing assignments for other classes

  4. Coding your own projects in SCRATCH

  5. Playing games YOU HAVE MADE in Scratch *

  6. Check out Dr. Fryer's FOOD blog and websites: food.wesfryer.com

  7. In Minecraft Education: Either:

    1. Work on Minecraft Makecode Tutorials (In MC press "C" and choose a Makecode Tutorial)

    2. Explore "HOUR OF CODE" or other NEW Library / Template Worlds

Free choice Activities DO NOT include:

  1. Listening to streaming music online (includes YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, etc.)

  2. PVP (player versus player attacks) or using TNT in Minecraft Education

  3. Playing online games other people have made

  4. "Doing whatever you want" in Minecraft Education.

  • What is a "game you have MADE in Scratch?" It is NOT just someone else's game you click to REMIX and put in your Scratch account without making any changes or modifications. It's a game you've either made by yourself or a game you've mixed / created with inspiration from others. It can be a remixed game! You need to add your own code and creativity to a Scratch project to call it "my own game" in our class.