In this project, students use Google Slides and images from the website Unsplash.com to create a "5 Photo Story" about their identity. "Who are you? Share about your identity with 5 photos."


  1. Use media to think about our own identities and the identities of our classmates

  2. Build relationships among students and the teacher, as well as classroom community

  3. Collect images with personal meaning which can be used in follow-up lessons.


  1. Share the student tutorial video and template slideshow to Google Classroom for student use.

  2. Be sure to set the sharing permissions for the slideshow to be "each student gets a copy"

  3. Create and add a RUBRIC to the assignment in Google Classroom.


  1. View and discuss the example slideshow, "5 Photo Story about Dr. Fryer."

  2. In Google Classroom, open the assignment's Google Slideshow, "5 Photo Story About Me."

  3. Planning: On Slide 2, Brainstorm at least five different things you like or which help define you outwardly to others

  4. Use Unsplash.com to find photos which themes relating to your brainstormed ideas.

  5. Copy or download small versions of these images, and add them in the slideshow template.

  6. Turn in the assignment in Google Classroom.


  1. Ask students to download JPG versions of several image slides, then import into Seesaw and record voiceover narration on each one.

  2. Use the sentence stem, "Me gusta...." for each image.

(6 min, 20 sec)

5 Photo Story About Me - by Dr. Fryer (14 August 2020)

(share in Google Classroom so each student gets their own COPY)

5 Photo Story About Me