In this project students will:

  1. Log in to floorplanner.com with their school Google account

  2. Design and label a single floor "dream house" using at least 15 Spanish vocabulary words from our "Incredibles 2" movie talk

  3. Record a short screencast IN SPANISH (using Screencastify) giving a house tour, using a modified version of a provided tour script.

Vocabulary Selection

Choose 15 words from our "Incredibles 2 Movie Talk Vocabulary List" that you want to use in your dream house design.

Type your words (both English and Spanish) in the attached spreadsheet and turn it in.

You will next be adding these words in LABELS to your dream house in https://floorplanner.com. These are example words selected by Dr. Fryer for his project:

Completed Sample Student Projects

  1. Lila (5th grade)

  2. Elizabeth (5th grade)

Final Project

Use this script (El Guión) and Screencastify to record a narrated tour IN SPANISH of the dream house you created in Floorplanner.com.

Be sure to share the NAMES of each of your 15 labeled objects in your screencast. Try to make your screencast 2 minutes long or less.

Watch this video for instructions about how to record your tour.

You will turn in the link to your Screencastify recording in Google Classroom.