Project Overview

This project introduces students to a wide variety of geographical and cultural locations, facts and perspectives relating to different Latin American countries. For the culminating project, students have an opportunity to practice their Spanish language skills in a narrated tour, and also share some of the information and ideas they have learned about a selected country.

Project 1: Mexico

For this project, we will learn a variety of things about the country of Mexico, then create a virtual tour using "Google Tour Creator" of at least 5 locations in the country you think are interesting. Here is an example tour Dr. Fryer created about Mexico (You don't have to make yours as fancy, with embedded photos, however!)

The steps for this project are:

  1. Watch the video, "Geography Now! MEXICO"

  2. As you watch the video, add AT LEAST FIVE locations mentioned / discussed to YOUR attached spreadsheet, "My Virtual Tour of Mexico." (You can copy location names from our attached / shared spreadsheet, "Latin America Country Studies."

  3. Create a GOOGLE VIRTUAL TOUR of MEXICO using these locations.

  4. PUBLISH your final tour and share the link two places:

    1. Here in Google Classroom

    2. In Seesaw as a LINK

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