In this series of lessons, students identify vocabulary words for every objects they can identify in their school environment. In our case, we went outside 'on walkabout' and identified over 30 words. Following the "comprehensible input" (CI) pedagogy of language acquisition, the teacher's role is to USE these vocabulary words in slow, simple sentences so students can primarily LISTEN and gain language listening skills.


  1. Identify practical vocabulary words for students to understand (and eventually use) for everyday objects in their environment

  2. Provide a variety of activities for students to observe, think about, and eventually use these vocabulary words


  1. Copy and modify the names of objects and associated icons in the slideshows linked here. (The Noun Project is an excellent website to use for licensed icons.)


  1. Explain to students that our class is going to 'go walkabout' outside and identify objects so we can learn the Spanish names for them.

  2. Ask students to write (in English) and sketch on a piece of paper their EXPECTATIONS (tus expectativas) of words for objects they will see outside.

  3. Go on a walk outside, discussing as you go the objects you see and using them in Spanish language sentences.

  4. Ask students to add more words and sketches to their paper after returning to the classroom.

  5. Print copies of the slides (with icons and words) and post them around the classroom.

  6. Write the Spanish names for at least 5 identified objects on student papers, and use Seesaw to provide students with a narrated image" version of their observations. / paper.

  7. Play the Kahoot Game, "Walkabout Spanish Vocabulary"

  8. Print a copy of the vocabulary words + icons slideshow, and allow students to choose of the words to bring on the next "outside walkabout."

  9. On another 'walkabout' stroll outside, ask students to identify the objects they have on their paper(s) by using their Spanish names. Talk with students in Spanish about the objects you are seeing.

  10. Seesaw Activity: Ask students to select at least THREE vocabulary icons from the shared folder, save them to their computer / device, and use Seesaw to create a narrated slideshow, using the correctly pronounced words. They can follow the script, "Esto es [name of object.]" (A link to the seesaw activity will be provided here soon!)


  1. Ask students to respond with a VOICE COMMENT in Seesaw to at least three of their classmates posts, following the script, "Yo veo [name of object] también."

Walkabout Vocabulary
Walkabout Vocabulary - Icons Only
Day 2 Walkabout Vocabulary