As Seen in Class!

May 2022

  1. Privacy on iPhone | Data Auction | Apple (Video - May 2022)

  2. Conspiracy Theories, Apollo Moon Landings and SIFT (Video)

  3. TinEye (Reverse Image Search)

  4. Why the Moon Landing COULDN'T Have Been Faked | Adam Ruins Everything

  5. Birds Aren't Real: The conspiracy theory that satirizes conspiracy theories

  6. Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos' space company)

  7. Virgin Galactic (Richard Branson's space company)

  8. Tesla Roadster

  9. Who Killed The Electric Car - Trailer (English WikiPedia)

  10. Meet Artemis Team Member Raja Chari

  11. Meet Artemis Team Member Kayla Barron

  12. Akinator (AI-powered game) - English WikiPedia

  13. Smooth McGroove (Acapella Youtuber, thanks Anna!)

  14. Pinball on Flutter (created for GoogleIO 2022)

April 2022

  1. Jared Halley: Imagine Dragons (ACAPELLA Medley) - Personal About page

    1. Also check out his "The Greatest Showman (ACAPELLA Medley)"

  2. NEWSY: Elon Musk Has An Agreement To Acquire Twitter For About $44B

March 2022


    1. What you need to know about CRISPR | Ellen Jorgensen (TED Talk, 10 min)

    2. CRISPR Explained (Mayo Clinic, 1.5 min)

    3. CRISPR: Gene editing and beyond (Nature, 4.5 min)

  2. Wally Funk

    1. StoryCorps: “I Never Let Anything Stop Me”: One Woman Recalls Her Determination To Go To Space

    2. Video: Blue Origin New Shepherd Launch with Jeff Bezos and Wally Funk

  3. Age of AI

    1. The Age of A.I. | Official Trailer

    2. YouTube Playlist: The Age of A.I.

  4. War in Ukraine

    1. Member States of NATO (English WikiPedia)

    2. 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine (English WikiPedia)

    3. Out of Context Images

  5. World's Largest T-Shirt Cannon (breaks the roof) -Mark Rober (from last year's media recommendations)

  6. Newsy

February 2022

  1. We've never seen THIS before - James Webb Space Telescope (PhysicsGirl)

  2. NASA Space Exploration Educator's Conference 2022

    1. Highlight Slideshow (Dr. Fryer)

    2. Space Exploration YouTube Playlist

    3. The Infinite VR (Dr. Fryer's photos)

    4. Dr Fryer's SEEC2022 Photos (Flickr)

  3. Why the Moon Landing COULDN'T Have Been Faked | Adam Ruins Everything (5 min)

  4. Conspiracy Theories, Apollo Moon Landings and SIFT (8 min, by Dr Fryer)

  5. U.S. Air Force: Space for Curiosity (video)

  6. Don’t Leave Food Out (Golden Retriever security camera footage)

  7. BEST Skydiving Videos Compilation | Episode 1 [2020]

January 2022

  1. US Space Force

    1. U.S. Space Force: Origins (video)

    2. U.S. Air Force: Want to Fly with Us? Become an Aviator. (video)

    3. US Space Force (official website)

    4. YouTube Playlist: US Space Force (official)

  2. Volcano in Tonga:

    1. Newsy: Tonga Avoids Widespread Disaster Despite Massive Volcanic Eruption

    2. Newsy: Tonga Geologists Observe Undersea Volcanic Eruption

    3. Newsy: Tongan People Struggle To Connect To Rest Of The World After Eruption

    4. video and article

  3. "The James Webb Time Machine" on Unexplainable Podcast

  4. "Lava Planet?" - Mustafar Star Wars Scene (Ep 3)

  5. Apollo 13 Movie (IMDB)

  6. Rachel Fryer’s Curiosity Fuels Her Pursuit of STEM Learning & Engineering (3 min)

  7. 3 Noobs Play Minecraft with an "Expert" (@theodd1sout)

  8. Looking back in time with the James Webb Space Telescope (60 Minutes)

  9. Where is Webb? (NASA)

  10. Hubble Space Telescope (English WikiPedia)

  11. Hubble Deep Field image (English WikiPedia)

  12. James Webb Space Telescope (English WikiPedia)

  13. VIDEO: How Does The James Webb Space Telescope Work? - Smarter Every Day 262 (30 min)

  14. VIDEO: The Launch of the James Webb Space Telescope (1.5 min)

  15. VIDEO: Elements of Webb: Gold Part 1, Ep 01 (3 min, 15 sec)

  16. VIDEO: The Insane Engineering of James Webb Telescope (31 min)

December 2021

  1. Artificial Intelligence (English WikiPedia)

  2. This Person Does Not Exist

  3. The Age of A.I. | Official Trailer

  4. YouTube Playlist: The Age of A.I.

  5. Russia Missile Test Blamed For Space Debris (MSNBC, 16 Nov 2021)

  6. Opinion: A shadow war in space is heating up fast (Washington Post, 30 Nov 2021)

  7. US Space Force (WikiPedia)

  8. US Space Force (official site)

November 2021

  1. Minecraft Live 2021

  2. Don't Mine at Night

  3. Spot by Boston Dynamics

    1. Avatar (2009)

    2. Introducing Wildcat (2 min - Oct 2013)

    3. Do You Love Me? (2 min - Dec 2020)

    4. “Spot Me Up” | The Rolling Stones & Boston Dynamics (29 Oct 2021 - via The Sun)

  4. Meet "The Jetsons"


  6. Meteor Strikes Russia, Over 1,000 Believed Injured (ABC News, 2013)

  7. Asteroid skimmed past Earth and no one saw it coming (Jerusalem Post, 31 Oct 2021)

  8. NASA planetary defender Dr. Kelly Fast discusses redirecting an asteroid with DART (NASA Twitter, 1 Nov 2021)

October 2021

  1. Meet Artemis Team Member Raja Chari (NASA video)

  2. 'No end in sight' to La Palma volcanic eruption (Reuters, 18 Oct 2021)

  3. LIVE: Lava still flowing one month after volcano erupted on La Palma Island (Reuters, 22 Oct 2021)

  4. "The Age of AI" Trailer (YouTube series narrated by Robert Downey Jr.)

  5. Your favorite TikTok influencer might be fictional (Insider, 12 Oct 2021)

  6. The first Arab mission to Mars is delivering some interesting science (ArsTechnica, 11 Oct 2021)

  7. NASA Confirms What They Suspected About Jezero Crater on Mars All Along (Science Alert, 8 Oct 2021)

  8. NASA is planning to crash a spacecraft into an asteroid to test its ability to protect Earth from a potential collision (Telegraph, 6 Oct 2021)

  9. Armageddon Movie (1998)

  10. NASA’s Artemis Rover to Land Near Nobile Region of Moon’s South Pole

  11. [VIDEO] Tour of NASA Moon Rover South Pole Landing Site (2 min, 45 sec)

  12. NASA’s VIPER (Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover) homepage

September 2021

  1. Artemis! NASA Returns to the Moon!

    1. Why the Moon? (4.5 min)

    2. The Future of NASA (1 min)

    3. Priming NASA's Artemis I for Launch to the Moon (3 min)

  2. Apple Event - 14 Sept 2021 (watch first 2 minute intro video!)

  3. NASA Director On SpaceX Launch: 'This Is A Major Milestone In Human Space Flight' (YouTube)

  4. SpaceX NASA: Earth From Space seen from Crew Dragon Arrival at Space Station (YouTube)

  5. Chinese astronauts return after 90-day mission to space station (

  6. Star Trek Day 2021 | Celebrate 55 Years of Trek (YouTube)

  7. Space Force / USAFA Photos (Labor Day 2021)

  8. Facebook unveils Horizon Workrooms for remote coworking in VR (19 Aug 2021) - (Video on Kindu - YouTube)

August 2021

  1. Atlas | Partners in Parkour (YouTube)

  2. Inside the lab: How does Atlas work? (YouTube)

May 2021

  1. Chris Hadfield Music Videos: Space Oddity (YouTube) and Is Somebody Singing (YouTube)

  2. Security / Safety

    1. Minecraft's Deadliest [Illegal] Hacked Client (YouTube)

    2. Computer Virus That Caused $50 Billion Damage (YouTube)

  3. Privacy and Robots

    1. Privacy on iPhone | Tracked | Apple (YouTube)

    2. FM POC with Telexistence Model-T (YouTube)

    3. Anthropomorphism

    4. Do You Love Me? by Boston Dynamics (YouTube)

    5. Robots of the future at Boston Dynamics (60 Minutes, March 2021 - YouTube)

    6. What is the future of robotics? (60 Minutes, March 2021 -YouTube)

    7. US Navy EOD

    8. Police Use of Robot to Kill Dallas Suspect Unprecedented, Experts Say (Texas Tribute, July 2016)

  4. Cryptocurrency

    1. Dr. Fryer's Shanghai Museum photo album - Genghis Khan coin

    2. Dogecoin: Explained by Marques Brownlee (YouTube -English WikiPedia)

    3. Bitcoin (English WikiPedia(

  5. Faceapp & bot-created YouTube mini-lesson links:

    1. A ‘beautiful’ female biker was actually a 50-year-old man using FaceApp. After he confessed, his followers liked him even more. (Washington Post, 11 May 2021) - VIDEO - YouTube


    3. Catfishing (English WikiPedia)

    4. Manipulating the YouTube Algorithm (March 2019, by @smartereveryday)

    5. For teachers: backstory Twitter thread - Soya's Twitter channel

  6. Sutton Hoo (English WikiPedia)

  7. Star Wars 1978 Remix (Lubbock, Texas)

  8. Celebrating May the 4th in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

  9. Scratch Inspiration (Kudos to Casady 5th Grader, Clive)

  10. The Army's Night Vision Goggles Make the Battlefield Look Like a Video Game (Popular Mechanics, 28 April 2021)

  11. 7 solar system worlds where the weather is crazy (, 30 April 2021)

April 2021

  1. Gravity Jet Suit (via Twitter)

  2. Elon Musk (English WikiPedia)

  3. The Boring Company | Tunnels

  4. Elon Musk's Neuralink monkey brain demo explained

  5. 3 NASA JPL Successful Flights on Mars! - ONE - TWO - THREE

  6. NASA Johnson Style (Gangnam Style Parody)

  7. Summer Minecraft Camps at Casady Trailer (Video) - more info is available!

  8. Colored iMacs? Let's Talk About Apple's 4/20 Event! (by Marques Brownlee)

  9. Dr Fryer's latest BBQ Brisket Video (skip to the best part!)

  10. Jacob's Ladder String Figure by Alexander (age 10 in 2008)

  11. More amazing Iceland volcano video footage (from April 9th)

  12. BBC "Science in Action" Podcast Interview: "Science on the side of a new volcano" with Dr. Evgenia Ilyinskaya (@eilyinskaya)

  13. The AI that mastered Starcraft II (6 mini)

  14. April 5-6

    1. Addison Rae (English WikiPedia)

    2. Dove Evolution (background of the film)

    3. Dove & Steven Universe | Media and celebrities

    4. Dove Campaigns for Real Beauty

    5. Dove Self Esteem Project

    6. List of most-liked TikTok videos (English WikiPedia)

    7. Links inspired by New York Times "The Daily" podcast episode, "The Beauty of 78.5 Million Followers"

March 2021

  1. Week of March 28th

    1. Neil Harbisson (1st human cyborg)

    2. How Neuralink works (5 min)

    3. Introducing Google Translate for Animals (April Fools joke from Google in 2010 - 2 min)

    4. Single Shot Drone Video Through Bowling Alley

    5. Drone footage of Iceland volcanic eruption

    6. Continental Drift: Alfred Wegener Song by The Amoeba People (Thanks Jakson!)

    7. NASA helicopter brought a piece of the Wright brothers' plane to Mars (CNET, 25 March 2021)

    8. Russia turns away from NASA, says it will work with China on a Moon base (ArsTechnica, 9 March 2021)

  2. Bill Gates' 2014 TED Talk: "The Next Outbreak? We're Not Ready"

  3. No, blackouts in Texas weren't caused by renewables | Is This Legit? (from MediaWise - original YouTube link)

    1. Learn More! "Welcome to 'Is This Legit?' (original YouTube link)

  4. "Down to Earth" (a NASA astronauts documentary)

  5. Dr Fryer's steak video from Spring Break: "Perfectly Grilled & Seared Ribeye on the Weber Kettle"

  6. Coding Game (Free activities & challenges to help you develop coding skills!)

  7. 14 Places Look from Another Planet but It's Earth (10.5 min, by "Bright Side" channel)

  8. VIDEO: NASA Astronauts Take Spacewalk to Prep ISS For New Solar Panels (1.5 min, Bloomberg, 28 Feb 2021)

  9. SpaceX CRS-22 (English WikiPedia)

  10. MAGIK Animation of Robotic Operations for Flight SpaceX-22 to ISS (by Alex Fryer)

  11. Beware: Deep Fake Videos

February 2021

  1. Feb 24-25 Media Literacy

    1. Misinformation on Texas Wind Energy: Image - Article

    2. Satirical Ted Cruz Cancun Video: Image - Original Tweet - Article

    3. Fake Ted Cruz tweet on Climate Change: Image - Article

  2. Feb 22-23

    1. NOVA PBS Special: Beyond the Elements - LIFE

    2. See Mars Like Never Before! NASA's Perseverance Rover Sends New Video and Images of the Red Planet

    3. High Resolution Image of Landing

    4. Raw Images from NASA Rover Perseverance

    5. Launch on Saturday, Feb 20, 2021: USS Katherine Johnson

    6. Antares Rocket (WikiPedia)

    7. Antares Rocket (official Northrup Grumman)

    8. NASA: Katherine Johnson Biography

    9. Movie: Hidden Figures

    10. Dr. Fryer's Photos from Egypt (Nov 2017)

  3. Feb 15-19: Mars Stuff!

    1. Mars Rover Landing CRASH COURSE! by Mark Rober

    2. #ArabsInMars on Twitter (confirmation tweet!)

    3. Live Stream: UAE Mars mission live stream: Watch live as Hope reaches Mars' orbit

    4. Mars madness! China, UAE to reach the Red Planet this week ahead of epic NASA rover landing (, 8 Feb 2021)

    5. Modern Marvels: Experience the Flight of Apollo 11 (S11,E28) | Full Episode | History (45 min on YouTube)

    6. USGS geologic map of the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover field site (via Twitter)

    7. the Perseverance Rover is searching for evidence of life on Mars | Frank Buckley Interviews (YouTube, 22 min)

  4. Istanbul (not Constantinople) - They Might Be Giants (2 min, 40 sec video)

  5. Glitterbomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates (Mark Rober)

  6. [MUSIC VIDEO] "We Three Kings" featuring Chris Foust (bass) - YouTube link

  7. [MUSIC VIDEO] "Long Black Train" by Josh Turner (another bass) - YouTube link

January 2021

  1. [VIDEO] My Childhood Obsession with Animals by Jaiden's Animations

  2. Buzz Aldrin Took Holy Communion on the Moon. NASA Kept it Quiet (, July 2018)

  3. Why Blue Whales Don't Get Cancer - Peto's Paradox (via Kingston)

  4. Dr. Fryer's Chapel Talk slides from Jan 26th: "Jesus and Science"

  5. Bernie Sanders' inauguration mittens meme: The funniest versions (CNet, 22 Jan 2021)

  6. 20 Years on the ISS (From Google Arts & Culture)

  7. NASA’s Curiosity Rover Reaches Its 3,000th Day on Mars (NASA, 12 Jan 2021)

  8. 7 Things to Know About the NASA Rover About to Land on Mars (NASA JPL, 6 Jan 2021)

  9. VIDEO: Perseverance Arrives at Mars: Feb. 18, 2021 (Mission Trailer) - YouTube

  10. Georgia HUNCH Students 3D Print Parts for Space Station (NASA, 11 Jan 2021)

  11. Gravitational Wave Search Finds Tantalizing New Clue (NASA JPL, 11 Jan 2021)

  12. Uganda Blocks Facebook Ahead of Contentious Election (New York Times, 13 Jan 2021)

  13. China’s Chang’e-5 Probe Drops Off Moon Samples at the Climax of a Historic Mission (Universe Today, 16 Dec 2020)

  14. Feast your eyes on the space rocks Japan’s Hayabusa 2 mission harvested from asteroid Ryugu (TechCrunch, 28 Dec 2020)

December 2020

  1. Questions about - Response from Troy Hunt

  2. Phishing Email Example

  3. Space Updates

    1. Google News - SpaceX

    2. VIDEO: Newest spaceship from SpaceX - Crew Dragon

    3. A SpaceX Mars rocket prototype just exploded. It was still a success (CNN, 9 Dec 2020)

    4. Google News - Japan's Astroid Retrieval Mission

    5. VIDEO: Japan asteroid sample lands safely on Earth (BBC News, 7 Dec 2020)

    6. Google News - China's Moon Rover

    7. VIDEO: China lands on moon in mission to collect samples from surface (Al Jazeera English, 2 Dec 2020)

  4. Dr. Fryer's blog posts about Pearl Harbor

November 2020

  1. VIDEO: Oklahoma Recognition of Noah's Grandfather

  2. Ltc Fryer's Videoconference to Casady 3rd Grade

  3. Photos of Veterans Day 3rd Grade Videoconference

  4. COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool

October 2020

  1. David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet (Netflix)

  2. Language Learning with Netflix (Chrome extension)

  3. Planet Earth (BBC)

  4. Minecraft Live 2020: Full Show (YouTube)

September 2020

  1. Recommended Documentary on NetFlix: The Social Dilemma (read Dr. Fryer's blog post about this and social media settings)

  2. A capella video examples

    1. Nearer, My God, to Thee | BYU Vocal Point ft. BYU Men's Chorus

  3. [VIDEO] The Launch of Perseverance to Mars (By Derek Muller @Veritasium - 3.3 minutes)

  4. Great videos on AI:

    1. November 2019 PBS Frontline special, “In the Age of AI”

    2. “In the Age of A.I.” (YouTube Original”) - Narrated by Robert Downey Jr.

  5. VIDEO] TikTok will be owned by a new company called TikTok Global (Newsy, 21 Sept 2020)

  6. [VIDEO] President Trump Approves Proposed TikTok Deal With Oracle, Walmart (Newsy, 20 Sept 2020)

  7. [VIDEO] Neuralink: Elon Musk's entire brain chip presentation in 14 minutes (supercut) - Source: CNET, 28 Aug 2020 (YouTube link)

  8. [VIDEO] What is Elon Musk's Starlink network? (YouTube) - Source: The Sun (UK)

  9. [VIDEO] Conspiracy Theories and Crazy People (YouTube) - Source: James Rallison (WikiPedia)

  10. Dr. Fryer's Dad (Tom Fryer) with Mike Pompeo in June 2017 (At the time, Mike Pompeo was the Director of the CIA, as of fall 2020 he is the US Secretary of State. He was formerly a Congressman representing voters in Wichita, Kansas)

August 2020

  1. Rainbow over the Chapel! (Dr Fryer's photos from August 31st)

  2. [VIDEO] Tectonic Plates - The Skin of Our Planet | Down to Earth

  3. Interactive Ancient Earth Map / Globe via

  4. Tilt Brush VR by Google (VIDEO - YouTube)

  5. GoPro Related Videos

    1. Burj Khalifa Pinnacle BASE Jump - 4K (SafeYouTube)

    2. GoPro: Best of 2019 - Year in Review (SafeYouTube)

  6. BMX Caiden (article about his dad)

  7. Dr. Fryers Photos 3 months after the 2013 Moore Tornado

  8. [VIDEO] Laika’s Head of Puppetry explains how stop motion puppets are made

    1. Movie: The Boxtrolls

    2. Movie: Kubo and the Two Strings

April 2020

  1. [VIDEO] COVID-19 Animation: What Happens If You Get Coronavirus? (YouTube)

    1. Also check out "A Kids Guide to the Coronavirus" by The New York Times (The Daily Podcast) from March 27, 2020

March 2020

  1. [VIDEO] Astronaut Chris Hadfield Breaks Down His 'Space Oddity' Video (YouTube)

  2. [VIDEO] Chris Hadfield and Barenaked Ladies | I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing) (YouTube)

  3. [VIDEO] Space Oddity by Cmdr. Chris Hatfield (YouTube)

  4. Coronavirus GeoMap by Johns Hopkins

  5. Air Force Academy Drone Light Show (YouTube) - USAFA - US Space Force

February 2020

  1. Minecraft Parody Videos:

    1. Don't Mine At Night (YouTube)

    2. Revenge (YouTube)

  2. VIDEO: What is a Hotspot? ( YouTube version - by @PowerCert)

  3. 1000+ Twitter Likes and Retweets

  4. Space Rocks: Comets, asteroids, meteors, & meteorites

  5. Newsy (Good source for unbiased news videos)

  6. 12 Year Old Inventor Payton Roberson on the Ellen show (from 2013, Peyton is now a 12th grader in Florida, Casady teacher Mrs. Braun was his 3rd grade teacher!)

January 2020

  1. Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World (available only through 10 Jan 2020. Mrs. Gardner in Casady Primary division helped create this in 2012 when she lived in Baltimore!)

  2. Nature Valley ScreenTime Play Outside Video

    1. YouTube version

    2. Source website

    3. Last Child in the Woods (book)

    4. Nature Valley website

December 2019

  1. Deciphering The Vast Scale of the Universe | STELLAR (YouTube)

  2. Joe and Mary by Bryan Adams (YouTube)

  3. This Person Does Not Exist - Test yourself (backstory1 - backstory2)

  4. Air Force Academy Drone Light Show (YouTube)

  5. ONE NATION. ONE TEAM. 23 Stories: Alex Morgan (USA Soccer)

November 2019

  1. Inspiration: The High School Socials - Minecraft School Roleplay

  2. Amazing Robots

    1. MIT's "virtually indestructible" mini cheetah robots show off flips (YouTube)

    2. MIT's Mini 'Cheetah' Robots Play Soccer (YouTube)

    3. Boston Dynamics YouTube

  3. Disney+ launch signals shift in streaming world (ABC News)

October 2019

  1. Apollo 11 As They Shot It via Immersive (AR/VR) – The New York Times

  2. VIDEO: AlphaStar: The inside story (YouTube)

  3. DeepMind’s AI has now outcompeted nearly all human players at StarCraft II

  4. Interstellar space even weirder than expected, NASA probe reveals

  5. Amazing / Haunting Mars Curiosity Rover Photo

  6. Link to the Headphones we use in our Computer Labs (shared by student request)

  7. What Most Schools Don't Teach (YouTube)

  8. Experiments by Apple Shot on iPhone (YouTube Playlist)

  9. Hawaii 2009 Photos by Dr. Fryer (BIG Island - Volcano House!)

  10. NASA posts a photo of the sun looking like a giant flaming jack-o'-lantern (CNN - via NASA)

  11. Scams That Should be Illegal (9 min - YouTube) - accompanies the lesson "Don't Get Tricked Online"

  12. Remembering Our Sweet Willow (3 min - YouTube)

  13. Have I Been Pwned (search by email address)

  14. Sounds of My World (by Dr Fryer)

  15. Science of Pixar Photos ( - Modeling Challenge

  16. [VIDEO] NASA Gangham Style (YouTube)

  17. VideoStar app & Example 1 ( YouTube) - Example 2 (YouTube)

  18. [VIDEO] Space Oddity by Cmdr. Chris Hatfield (YouTube)

September 2019

  1. [VIDEO] More Parkour Atlas (YouTube)

  2. [VIDEO] The Blue Marble (YouTube)

  3. [VIDEO][ Who is Elon Musk?

  4. [VIDEO] BB King's 94th Birthday by Google Doodles (YouTube)

  5. [VIDEO] Dear Apple: Face to Face — Apple Watch (Apple, 10 Sept 2019) - 3 min, 43 sec (YT link)

    1. Baby Duck Syndrome

  6. Deep Fake Videos

    1. Mark Zuckerberg Example

    2. Washington Post Explanation

    3. WikiPedia pages: Mark Zuckerberg and Deep Fake Video

    4. Chinese deepfake app Zao sparks privacy row after going viral (Guardian, 2 Sep 2019)

  7. [VIDEO] What makes a hero? - Matthew Winkler (Shared during 5-10 Photo Digital Story Project Intro - YT link)

  8. Using Gene Editing to Repaint Butterfly Wings

August 2019

  1. Video: 3D Printing Rhino Horns Can Stop Poaching in Africa

  2. Video: Types of seismic waves (2.5 min)

  3. Video: Burj Khalifa Pinnacle BASE Jump - 4K (2 min)

Some of our favorite sources for Wonder Links are the websites and YouTube channels:

  1. The Kid Should See This

  2. It's OK To Be Smart

Dr. Fryer's "Curiosity Links" from 2013-2015 when he taught STEM in Yukon, Oklahoma are also available.

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